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Privacy policy

We value the trust of our customers who use the Booking Platform hellocashback.ch and have created this Policy to give users security and a protection of their personal data. We will be clear and transparent about the information we are collecting and what we will do with that information.

This Policy establishes:

  • what personal data is collected and processed as a result of your use of this website;
  • from where the data are taken;
  • how they are processed;
  • how we store the data.

“Smartline” (referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”) in this policy primarily refers to Smartline Sagl is the “data controller” of all personal data collected within hellocashback.ch.

Third parties may be involved in the provision of services. If you book a service offered by a third party (e.. booking a hotel room) the third party will be identified within the terms and conditions of service of the bookings. The third is the “data controller” of your personal data in relation to the service provided.

Personal data means any information that enables us to identify you, such as your name, contact details, booking reference number, and information about your access and use of our website.

What personal data are collected?

During the registration process of the reservation for the subsequent receipt of the cashback and for future use of the website features, the following data are collected:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Credit card number and expiry date
  • Booking number
  • Location, including real-time geographic location of the computer or device via GPS, Bluetooth, and IP Address, in the case of using location-based features and enabling location services settings on the device and/or computer used.

Why and for how long are personal data used?

  • We are collecting your personal data for the provision of the products and services requested: we use the information we receive to track and transfer your refund and to notify you about this service.
  • Customer Services communications: we use your data to manage our relationship with our customers in order to improve our services and enhance your experience with us.
  • Marketing purposes: periodically the data will be used to contact you by email regarding our promotions.

You can ask us to delete your personal data by sending us an email to privacy@hellocashback.ch. Such requests will be only processed if a copy of your Passport or a valid ID is attached to your email, which helps us to verify your identity. Within 30 days from your request, we will delete your data and we will inform you when the process will be finalised. The copy of your Passport or valid ID will be destroyed once we have processed your reques.

Please note we undertake to delete data where this right has been exercised by you and there will consequently no longer a legal basis for the processing itself but some set of personal data are impossible to edit or remove (eg. server backup or microfiche).

Security of your personal data

Strict security procedures are in place for the storage and disclosure of your personal data, and to protect it against accidental loss, destruction or damage. The data you provide is protected using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. SSL is the industry standard method of encrypting personal information and credit card details so that they can be securely processed on the Internet.

All card details are stored in accordance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and any changes will be communicated by email or via a notice on our website.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are used to adapt the content of the websites to the your preferences and to optimise the use of the websites; in particular, these files allow us to identify your device and to display the website properly (adapted to your personal needs ); to create statistics that help us to understand how users are using the website, so as to improve its structure, content, and support for user sessions (after logging in), so that you will have not repeat your login and password on every page of the website.

Cookies are automatically downloaded and contain information about the website from which the user followed the link to hellocashback.ch, information about the User’s Internet connection, IP address, location (country, region, city), browser type, computer screen resolution, and other specifications. If the User accesses the website from a search engine link, information will also be collected on the keywords that the User enters into the search engine to access hellocashback.ch.The website hellocashback.ch does not have access to other files on the User's computer, except cookies.

The website uses two types of cookies: session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are created temporarily, are stored on the Users' devices only while the Users are on a certain website, and are removed after the User leaves their account or close their browser.

Permanent cookies are stored on the Users' devices constantly and are activated when the User re-visits the website that created these cookies. Every permanent cookie remains on the device for the time specified in the cookie settings or until it is manually deleted by the User using the browser menu or directly from the system folder where the cookies are stored by the browser.

A browser can be configured to display a request each time cookies are saved. Users also have the option of prohibiting the use of cookies in their browser settings. In this sense, Users have the right to decide whether to allow allow access of cookies to their computer through a pre-selection in the browser window; however, this may completely or partially interfere with the proper functioning of the website hellocashback.ch.

In order to be able to use all the functionality of our website, we recommend accepting our Cookie Policy.